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Best Cardboard Target for Small Caliber and Shotgun

Whenever you go out in the back yard or range, it's always a hassle to bring out your paper, staple gun, targets, and support in order to get some lead or steel down range. We're sorry not sorry to plug our own product into this post simply due to the fact of the time saved setting up, checking, and getting new target spots to shoot at. With a single Fold & Fire target, you'll be able to have your pistol, pellet, BB, .22, and whatever type of gun/caliber you prefer all dialed in ready for the next adventure.

With a total of 10 targets (5 on each face), you can get your grouping tight and consistent. If you'd like to try them out for yourself, click here!

The Fold & Fire also allows the shooter to take a print-out of any animal they'd like and place it in the slotted areas on each face. Bring out the ol' over under, pump, semi, any bb blaster you have and get some practice in on the one that got away last season.

If you're worried about shooting on a windy day, you can easily take a scrap piece of firewood or lumber and place it in the back of the target set up and keep the face where you'd like it to be.

Although targets don't get too intricate with complex patterns and technology, it is always nice when you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to set up your shooting gallery. The Fold & Fire targets can get you to that pin point accuracy faster than most.

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